Love him or hate him, you’ve got to respect Kanye West’s creative genius.

“Runaway,” a 35-minute short film directed by West himself, showcases this artist’s talent in a way that even the haters can’t help but appreciate. It combines a variety of songs, dialogue, beautiful choreography, engaging videography, and a story line metaphor that relates directly back to West’s life.

My favorite scene arrives around the 14 minute mark. West takes the piano as a flock of ballet dancers dressed in black move in rhythm to the underlying song of the film, “Runaway.”  It is the choreography that holds my attention. Traditional dance combined with hip hop. Ballet mixed with contemporary moves. It’s a style that I enjoy immensely, but one that I’ve seen few choreographers really pull off. The background beat of the song is classic, giving a basis for traditional ballet moves. The tempo of the foreground music, combined with the smooth syncing of West’s voice, draws out the hip hop.

In this way, West exposes his audience to an unexpected form of dance, just as he has always done with his music.

Check it out:


~ by Jamilyn Mohr on October 25, 2010.

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